Sorority Graduation and Gift Ideas

There are many phases that you go through during your college years…

College is a time of being on your own, learning who you are as a person, and gaining new experiences. Maybe it’s a time of taking chances and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. College experiences vary for everyone, and are particularly different for those who join fraternities or sororities.

Thanks to the girls in my sorority, I learned even more about myself than I thought I would in college. The girls I met through this process taught me the meaning of sisterhood and what it means to be a part of a different kind of family. Being involved in a sorority can be one of the most life changing parts of college. The girls you meet and bond with, along with all the crazy experiences you get into together are one of a kind, and forever remembered!

Sorority History

The history, traditions and long-lasting friendships is what makes me proud to be part of a sorority. Sororities and fraternities are social organizations that have been around for centuries. The first Greek letter organization was Phi Beta Kappa at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. in 1776. It was originally formed as a secret society that was literary and social in nature, but not Greek. This society had all of the same components as today’s fraternities and sororities: a motto, rituals, a badge, a bond of friendship, principals of high idealism, and an urge to share the organization’s values through expansion to other campuses (San Jose State University).

Fast forward to 1882 – after dozens of more chapters and fraternities fought to be formed and fraternity membership numbers reach nearly five million – to when the first women’s organization, Gamma Phi Beta, was named a “sorority.” Before this, all of the societies were called fraternities because that was the only word that existed for these organizations. Women were part of fraternities, also known as sisterhoods, but quickly noticed that a distinct organization for women was needed, and thus, “sororities” were born and I am so glad that they were!

Graduating With a Sorority

Being able to experience graduation with a few of my sisters made this momentous occasion even more special. Graduation, defined as “the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma”, is really so much more than just that. Graduating college is a milestone in every 20-something’s’ life. This is the time of passage into adulthood and into the real world. Out the door goes the time of all-nighters and skipping class, and now enters the age of resume posting, interviewing and finding a dream job! (or any job, really)

Specifically for sororities, graduation is such a special event. Graduating is both a happy and sad occasion; it is happy because you are excited to move forward with your future, but also a little sad because you have to leave the girls who have been a big part of your life for the last couple years. Each sorority has their own rituals and traditions for graduation, and each one is unique to their chapter. Nonetheless, graduation traditions are something that each sorority celebrates and looks forwards to. Almost all of these ceremonies involve the sisters in the sorority giving each senior a memorable gift. These gifts are typically something nice and an item that they can keep forever – jewelry is a popular present.

Sorority Jewelry Gift Ideas

No matter what sorority, or for what occasion, jewelry will always be a classic gift for any woman. All of the Nelle and Lizzy collegiate jewelry are official licensed Greek products and I’ve picked out a few of my favorite pieces from their Sorority Collection to share with you. Each of these pieces are timeless, beautiful and a wonderful way to showcase your sorority pride – whether a current student, graduating senior, or proud alumni.

If you’re interested in shopping more of our Sorority Collection, you can browse the whole collection here.

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Jewelry

This dainty necklace comes with 3 different charms – an oval stamped with the ZTA Greek letters, a circle charm with the initial of your choosing, and a perfectly wrapped turquoise bead – the perfect addition for ZTA! This sterling silver piece of jewelry is simply designed, but will be the perfect reminder of all the great memories you have tied with Zeta Tau Alpha.


Pi Beta Phi Sorority Ring

This perfect piece of sorority jewelry would be a great gift for graduation, or really any other occasion. You are able to customize this double ring to say exactly what you’d like! As a gift, you could add that person’s name and the Pi Phi Greek letters or your name and your little’s name. This would even be a perfect gift for yourself, as the customizable options are endless!


Delta Delta Delta Sorority Ring

This Tri Delta Sorority ring is another perfect gift. It has a similar style to college rings and all the silver in this ring is sterling silver. The stamped plate (where the Greek letters show) is available in silver and gold bronze and the back of ring can be stamped with up to 12 characters! Typically names are put here, but you can add anything you’d like that fits within the character limit.


Ring Stack with Birthstones

This gift option isn’t particularly a “sorority” item but I just thought it was a different, yet subtle option for a sorority gift. With these customizable stacked ring set, you can make a stack that represents a sorority without having the Greek letters blatantly stamped on. June and August birthstones (pink and green) would be perfect for Delta Zeta, or September and June birthstones (blue and pink) on a gold ring stack would be ideal for Delta Gamma. Add another ring with the recipient’s initial and now you have a personalized ring stack with an understated message of sorority pride.

person making ring by hand with tools

With a special gift from Nelle and Lizzy, you will give a wonderful woman the chance to show off her sorority pride for years to come. It will be a present that will let her always remember and cherish the moments she had in college, and even more so with her sorority.

Easy Halloween Party Ideas

Tis the season for holiday party planning. With Halloween happening in just a few weeks, you know we have been constantly perusing Pinterest for costume and party ideas – as every mom does these days. As we all know, Pinterest has a plethora of amazing ideas but also a bunch of impossible projects. Assuming you are a busy mom, like we are, you probably want to find the most creative, yet easy ideas for your children’s holiday parties. Whether planning your own Halloween party, or making snacks for your child’s class, we’ve come up with some great party, snack, and costume ideas for all you moms out there!

Thanks to Pinterest, women around the world have found amazing ways to recycle their old t-shirts, and 32,465 ways to organize around your house. The one major downfall of Pinterest is that many people end up creating the same things – how many melted crayon art projects have you seen at this point? I can usually point out a Pinterest project a mile away. With over 70 million users, repeat and insanely popular projects are bound to happen.


Halloween Costumes

Around this time Halloween costumes are popping up all over your Pinterest feed. You may even be able to tell what costumes will be popular this year. We’ve seen a lot of them too but have been trying to filter out the ones that have been overdone. Don’t get me wrong, every one of us loves the movie Frozen – girl power! – but how many little Elsa or Anna’s knocked on your door last year? Way too many to count. To prevent that this year, we’ve put together a few costume ideas that are a nice middle ground between unique and not too weird.

Crayola Crayons: Do you have a girls crew going Trick or Treating together this year? This costume would be so adorable for them and the possibilities are kind of endless; there are so many colors to choose from! For this crazy hair, use an empty water bottle to make the hair stand up and tie the top with a hair tie. Then use the temporary colored hair spray that can be found at most costume shops.

Crayon Halloween costume

Scuba Diver: I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen too many scuba divers walking around on All Hallow’s Eve. This is another super simple costume that would be great for one child, or a group of kids.

Owl: This costume might be a bit more time consuming than the others but well worth it. You can even use an old t-shirt for the feathers! Hello, money saver!

Lego: When The Lego Movie came out last year, there was a big Lego craze. Now that it’s a year later, the chances of running into many yellow-headed people should be lower this year. And this one actually looks pretty fun to make!

Lego costume for Halloween


Halloween Snacks

For some parents, finding snacks that your child will eat (and even more so, enjoy) can sometimes be a difficult task but with these adorable Halloween snacks, we don’t think you’ll have that problem. These spooky snacks are not only awesome decor, but also a delicious snack! They would be perfect if you were throwing your own Halloween party, or if you had to bring Halloween snacks to your child’s school for a party!

Magic Potion Punch: This is a drink that is exciting to watch! You read that right – yes, exciting to watch. This spooky drink is compiled of lemonade, grape juice, and lemon-lime soda and when you drop in a spoonful of Jell-o, it makes a fizzy concoction that is perfect for the occasion.

Bowl of Worms: How creepy and cool is this Halloween snack!? We were grossed out but also in awe when we came across this one. All it takes is some Jell-o and a handful of bendy straws!

How to make fake worms for a Halloween party snack

Banana Ghost ‘Popsicles’: Who can say no to a (semi) healthy kid’s snack? These adorable ‘popsicles’ are only made up of bananas, white chocolate (or yogurt) and little chocolate chips!

Pumpkin Fruit Cups: Talk about a simple Halloween snack. All you have to do for this one is buy the appropriate amount of orange fruit cups, and decorate the pumpkin faces on top! You can easily cut out these jack-o-lantern faces by hand or probably even find some type of die cuts. And if your kiddo is old enough, they can help you cut these out and make it a fun task to do together.

Easy pumpkin snack for a Halloween party


Halloween Decorations

Decorations, whether it’s everyday decor in your home or decor that you only pull out for special occasions, can really set the atmosphere and mood. Take a birthday party, for example. Imagine walking into a birthday party that had no balloons or streamers… How depressing. The same idea goes for any other occasion – a wedding, Christmas or Halloween party. Decorations make all the difference, which is why we compiled a list of a few awesome, but simple decorations to make for Halloween.

Bat Garland: This is a super simple, yet dramatic project. It involves a free download of bat templates, black construction paper, ribbon or twine, scissors and a whole punch! For the crafty moms out there, you may even have most of these supplies already.

Ghosts in a Jar: We just can’t get over how cute these little ghosts are! Not only are they adorable, but they only take a few supplies to make them! This would be a fun afternoon project for you and a fellow mom.

How to make ghost Halloween decorationCandy Corn Pumpkins: Some of you may think these have been a bit overdone but we think it’s a project that is cute enough to make it to our list. All you need is some paint and a somewhat steady hand!

Window Monsters: This is one of our favorite Halloween decorations! We have done this in passed years and it was a hit! Neighbors told us how awesome (and scary) our window monsters were. You can copy these monsters or if you’re feeling creative, make your own!

Window monster decor for Halloween

To see these Pins, along with some of our other favorite holiday ideas, they can be found on our Holiday Board on Pinterest. Tell us what some of your favorite Halloween decor, snacks or costumes are over on Twitter at @nelleandlizzy. We’d love to hear about your Halloween tricks-and-treats!

Breast Cancer Awareness: How You Can Help

Can you believe it’s already October?! We are excited for some sweater weather to hit us here in Texas, but even more excited to help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As you are probably well aware of, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The popular ‘pink month’ was created back in the 1980s in order to promote education about breast cancer prevention and issues, as well as raise funds for research. Nowadays, a lot of organizations are helping to promote the cause such as the NFL who wear pink accessories all month long and special pink jerseys for some of their October games.

Spreading the word about the cause and donating to popular organizations like the American Cancer Society or the Susan G Komen Foundation are definitely two great ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month but there is so much more you can personally do to support those who are battling cancer, especially your family and friends.

How to Help Someone Who is Battling Cancer

Whether your friend is in the hospital battling cancer, or in an outpatient setting, there are ways for you to offer help, encouragement and support. Studies have shown that those who are battling cancer need the support of their friends and family. You may not think there is much that you can do for them, but that’s usually not the case. The question is, where to start?

For some of us, it’s hard to find ways to help when someone is battling a life-threatening disease. Flowers probably won’t do any good, a home cooked meal might be nice but what is something truly significant that would help? Friends and family of those battling cancer often feel helpless, like there’s nothing they can do that would make an impact when in fact, there are ways to help. The American Cancer Society provides a whole printable PDF booklet ideas on “How to Be a Friend to Someone with Cancer” and one of the first places they suggest to start is to talk with your friends; Learning the process of treatment and about the changes your friend is (or will be) going through will help you adjust your efforts to what they may need most.

Let's help fight cancer together.

As I was reading through this lengthy list of helpful hints, I started thinking of my personal experiences and noticed a few of these tips that would come in handy for me. Below are a few that really stood out to me:

  • Send brief and frequent notes. Just something to let them know you are always thinking about them.
  • Speak to the family to find out ways you can help. They will probably be the best resource to tell you what your friend needs.
  • Spend time with your friend. Bring a puzzle, crossword or activity for you to do together, or even to do alone if your friend doesn’t have the energy to participate. You can watch their favorite show or movie as well.
  • Support your friend’s feelings. Let them be negative or withdrawn; don’t try to preach to them about being strong and urging them to fight the disease.
  • Surprise your friend with small gifts. Think of things that would be useful, creative, and fun.

Cancer Awareness

Another way we can help fight this far too common disease is by educating ourselves and others! The world has made strides in the studies, awareness and prevention of cancer. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to know exactly why one person develops cancer and another doesn’t, but studies have shown some common risk factors and preventative measures that we can all try to apply. is a wonderful resource for learning about cancer prevention and risk factors. They explain that when scientists are looking into preventing new cancers from starting, they look at risk factors and protective factors. “Anything that increases your chance of developing cancer is called a cancer risk factor; anything that decreases your chance of developing cancer is called a cancer protective factor.”

Risk Factors for Cancer

As stated above, risk factors are anything that increases your chances of developing the disease. As of yet, there is no sure-fire way to prevent cancer but more studies are starting to show some variables that can aid in cancer prevention. Particular risk factors can be avoided but many cannot. For example, use of tobacco can be avoided but inheriting certain genes cannot.

Most cancer risk factors are initially identified in the epidemiology studies. In these studies, scientists look at large groups of people and try to identify the similarities between those who develop cancer and those who don’t. These studies cannot prove that a behavior or substance is definitely a favorite in the development of cancer but it’s a good place to start. Some of the most-studied and most comment suspected risk factors of cancer are:

  • Tobacco
  • Age
  • Diet
  • Hormones
  • Alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Sunlight

Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention is actions to take that lower the chance of developing cancer. Many factors – like our genes, lifestyle and our environment can increase or decrease the risk of getting cancer. The more studies that are done on this disease, the more information we have to work with and take preventative measures on.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Save the Tatas

Specific to Breast Cancer Prevention

Sadly, breast cancer is very common; more than 3 million US cases surface every year which means we need to be taking more preventative measures! We are tired of losing loved ones to this disease – especially since more preventative measures are being discovered. Lifestyle factors like staying physically active and limiting alcohol consumption are some of the most common and well-known ways to help prevent cancer. Other factors that you should think about and take into consideration as suggested from Mayo Clinic are:

  • Smoking. Accumulating evidence suggests a link between smoking and breast cancer, particularly in premenopausal women. Not to mention that not smoking is a great overall positive health choice.
  • Breast-feeding. A lot of mothers want to breastfeed for as long as possible (whether for emotional or health reasons) and it may be doubly beneficial since it may play a role in breast cancer prevention; the longer you breastfeed, the greater the protective effect.
  • Controlling your weight. Being overweight or obese shows to increase the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Being physically active. This mostly ties into the idea of controlling your weight. Being physically fit and at a healthy weight can lower your risk of breast cancer. 150 minutes a week of moderate activity is recommended.

By following these guidelines for cancer prevention, it is one way we can help lower the cases of cancer and decrease the deaths caused by this disease.

Let’s Stamp Out Cancer!

Join us as we help fight this disease! Through the entire month of October, 20% of the purchase of any cancer related product will be donated to the organization of your choice. Designated items are marked with an asterisk and can be shopped by visiting our site here.

Cancer survivor jewelry.
Our line of cancer survivor jewelry is a meaningful way to support someone who is battling or has battled ovarian cancer, breast cancer or any other horrible disease. You can create a customized piece of cancer survivor jewelry that will help you, or someone you love, realize life is worth fighting for. Let’s unite and stamp out cancer together!

The Perfect Gift for a New Mom

Can you recall a time when you received the perfect gift?

A mother always remembers the day their child was born. The special feeling a mother has bringing a new life into this world is priceless.

Special days like this are shared between family and friends. I, for one, have many best friends that have given birth to their first bundle of joy within the last year. When I go to visit them at the hospital and meet that new precious baby, I am blown away by all the gifts that a new mother receives. Many of these gifts are so special, beautiful and unique that it made me feel like my bouquet of sunflowers (my typical go-to gift for new mothers) was overshadowed and maybe even a little ignored.

Then one day it hit me – *poof!* The perfect gift for any new mom should be personal and sentimental. For the next hospital visit, I tried to be a little more prepared: I ditched the sunflowers, called my friend’s mom to find out her newborn’s name, and ordered a custom bracelet for the new mother. When I delivered the custom bangle, it had the newborn’s name stamped right on it. I didn’t wrap it, I just greeted my friend at the hospital and chatted for a bit, then slipped the hand-stamped bracelet on her wrist. Her reaction was more than I could have ever expected. Her eyes got wide and she started to tear up. It was so sweet and I’m glad that my personalized bracelet was one that would mean so much to her.

Personalized Bracelets and Bangles for Her

From that moment forward, I realized I had cracked the code for the perfect gift for new mothers. Now for every baby shower, every push present and visit to a hospital, I bring along with me a customized piece of jewelry with the newborn child’s name on it – and they all LOVE IT! These ladies never take this jewelry off. Every time I see them, they smile and show me that they are still wearing that bangle, necklace, or ring with their little baby’s name stamped onto it.

Plus, don’t forget the new moms who have brought a child into their family’s home by adoption! Oftentimes, these moms can get overlooked but never should be! Having a child, whether by birth or adoption, is still a life changing milestone in any woman’s life. I have a friend who just did adopt; they had a very fun adoption party and that sweet Mom loved every minute that people took the time to share in their new bundle of joy! A hand stamped personalized double ring would have truly been the most perfect gift for her!

Picking a Unique Gift for a New Mom

I have talked about this a few times with some of my girlfriends, and many of them have difficulty with trying to find the perfect gift for a new mother. It can be such a grueling process and at some point, we have all been in a position where we are searching for that treasured gift for a new mom. When in this situation, people tend to think about gifts they have gotten themselves, or those we have seen others receive. And most gifts are typically items that we still cherish today. Yes, beautiful and fragrant flowers are much appreciated, but they have become the standard present for most any occasion. Celebrating someone you care about as she enters into a new stage of her life, deserves something special. The perfect gift for a new mom is one that forever links the mother to the new baby for all of time! What better way to do that than with a personalized item that can become a family heirloom in the future!

So with that in mind, I have put together a few ideas to help all those out there who are searching for that perfect present for any new mother. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you give the gift that is forever cherished to that new mother in your life.

Perfect Gifts for New Mothers

The easiest and most elegant gifts to give that new mother in your life is a personalized Mother’s Stamped Tag Charm Necklace. Typically, I tend to get the newborn’s name stamped into the charm, but lately I have been adding a birthstone to the charm for a little extra sparkle. For my really close friends I might even add a second charm to the necklace with the birth year on it, like you can see in the Established Family Charm Necklaces.

Personalized hand stamped necklace

My next go-to gift for new moms is a personalized bangle bracelet with the newborn’s name stamped on it. Some of my favorites are from the Family Bracelet Collection because I am able to not only get the newborn’s name stamped on the bracelet, but I can also add the mother’s name and even the birth year stamped on the inside of the bracelet. I find that this bracelet costs about just as much as a bouquet of nice flowers – except the bracelet lasts forever!

Personalized name bracelet.

Finally, for those very special friends, I tend to splurge a little more and get them a double ring with their name and their baby’s name stamped. It’s called the Mother Daughter Ring and it is always a big hit. The hardest part about giving this gift is having to find out my friends ring size without spoiling the surprise. To pull this off, I typically pull in the help of the baby’s father. Most husbands know their wife’s ring size, and if they are not married yet, it is always a secret nudge to get the boyfriend to find out the ring size just in case he might want to make it official – *wink wink*

Nelle and Lizzy personalized double ring for mother and daughter.

What better way to commemorate the special time of becoming a new mom than to be given an exquisite bracelet, ring or charm that is personalized with their precious baby’s name? Especially with more and more unique names being given every year, a personalized present may be hard to find but with the Nelle and Lizzy, you’ll be able to give an item that is perfectly tailor-made!

Why Mother’s Stackable Rings Make the Perfect Gift

Amazing. Loving. Strong. Happy. Selfless. Graceful.

These are some of the words that describe mothers around the world. Mothers can often be underappreciated because all the focus is on the children most of the time, which is just how life works. Make sure that your mother or wife never forgets how appreciative and thankful you are for her selfless heart and caregiving attitude.

There are a few days of the year that give mothers a chance to be pampered and have a day entirely focused on them, but I think most of us can agree that they should have more than that. A little surprise every once in awhile would make her heart skip a beat! Imagine that you (as the husband) walk into your house after a long day and give your wife a present while she is hard at work cooking dinner for your family. I can almost assure you that it would completely make her day, and maybe even her week! Most women love unplanned surprises. Whether it’s a cute handwritten note that she finds in her purse during the day, or a gorgeous bracelet that you come home with one day for no reason at all. “No reason” gifts are some of the best kind and will give all the husbands out there some major brownie points!

Personalized Jewelry for Her

Of course jewelry is always a wonderful gift for any woman, but you know what would make that gift even sweeter? Adding some personalization to it. Most women lead with their emotions and make stronger connections with physical items when there is a sentimental value.

Mother with Daughter Wearing Nelle and Lizzy jewelry.

For me personally, infinity signs have sort of become “thing” between my sisters and I. We all wanted to get matching tattoos and after months of brainstorming, we finally decided to get an infinity symbol that say ‘sisters’ intertwined into it and since then, those symbols have become our signature symbol. Last Christmas, our mother got us all matching infinity necklaces and they honestly aren’t anything special but the meaning behind it means so much to all of us. I don’t live in the same state as my family (actually about 18 hours away) so whenever I wear my infinity necklace, it’s like I am reminded more of my connection with my sisters. Sentimental pieces like this with a special meaning behind them are the pieces that are cherished forever. With Nelle and Lizzy, you have the opportunity to design the perfect piece of jewelry for your mother or wife. Some of our most popular pieces are from our Mother’s Stackable Rings collection.

Mother’s Stackable Rings in Gold or Silver

All of our mother’s stackable rings are available in gold or silver and there are a ton of design options! Our gold rings are made of 14K gold vermeil, the silver ones are sterling silver and both can include Swarovski crystals.

As a starting point to pick out jewelry for yourself or a spouse, it’s important to think about the metal color. Gold typically looks better on warm or tan skin tones and silver usually flatters cool skin tones with pink undertones. If you can’t figure out which metal “fits” you, you can find a more thorough explanation here. These rules definitely don’t have to be followed, it’s just an interesting take on how the colors look on different skin tones. For example, I am considered to have a cool skin tone, which means silver should look best on me but I wear a mix of both metals – gold and silver – and I love how both look on me. It’s just a matter of opinion and what you think looks best on you and your skin tone!

Mother’s Stackable Rings are Customizable

After you’ve picked gold or silver for your mother’s stackable rings, get your creative juices flowing and design a personalized stackable ring set! You can make your stack as little or tall as you would like.

As an example, for a mother with one child, instead of getting a single ring with her child’s initial, try adding another one with their birthstone gem, along with a symbol like a heart or cross. And voila, you have an adorable and meaningful collection of mother’s stackable rings!

For a mother with more than one kiddo in her life, their stack may be a bit bigger! The mother’s stackable rings below would be perfect for a mom of four. This showcases the initials and birthstones of each one of her babies.

Mother's Stackable Rings

To the ladies out there, you don’t have to wait for your man to buy you a mother’s stackable ring set either. You are a strong mom who deserves to pamper herself from time to time, so go ahead and personalize and order one for yourself! Why not, right? And If you’re the kind of woman who doesn’t like buying gifts for yourself, you can always throw hints to your hubby – tag him in one of our Instagram pictures that you love or mention him on Facebook to point him to the direction of our Nelle and Lizzy page. Add a little wink emoji with your message and we think he will get the hint.

You also aren’t limited in only getting a mother’s stackable ring set to represent your kids; you can get one for your mother with you and your siblings initials and birthstones, or add a few symbols onto the stack as well! A few other great ideas are for:

  • The loss of a loved one. You can get one for yourself if your mother passes and build your stack around what reminds you of her. Maybe her initial, birthstone and a cross.
  • For your mother. The same idea goes for mom’s around the world as it does for wives. Surprises, small gifts, and “no reason” presents are perfect year-round.
  • A push present. Is a friend or sister of yours having a baby soon? A mother’s stackable ring set would be the perfect push present for a new mom!
  • A Mother/Daughter stack. Get a matching stack for you and your daughter, or build two different stacks to symbolize the love you have for each other.

Let your mother or wife know how appreciative of her you are with a unique and perfectly tailored-for-her piece of jewelry. Nelle and Lizzy is passionate about creating personalized, hand-stamped jewelry and would love to make something special for you or a family member. We hope and wish that a piece from us will be passed down for generations and become an heirloom piece for you and your family! Our Mother’s Stackable Ring Collection is the perfect place to look if you’d like to add a special piece to your family history and show that special woman in your life how much they mean to you.

Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Wife

This one is a post for the husband’s out there. Buying your wife the perfect gift is sometimes challenging but we’ve come up with a few points to help you get started on the venture!

Being a wife myself, I think it’s safe to say I have a pretty good sense of what wives want when it comes to receiving presents. All we want is to be pampered and loved and gifted with sentimental items every once in a while. What we don’t want is a pair of socks with chihuahuas on them for our anniversary (my husband and I have two chihuahuas so it isn’t as random as it sounds), but nonetheless. No offense guys, but sometimes you need a little help in the gifting department. Buying us a sports t-shirt for our birthday isn’t going to get you brownie points, but you know what is? Jewelry. Jewelry is the perfect gift for your wife.

The Perfect Gifts Of Love

In all the hustle and bustle of our lives, sometimes we begin to feel overwhelmed, as though the world may swallow us. Whether it’s the frantic search of back to school season, the anxious excitement of beginning a new job, or maybe even buying our first house, it is hard to see all the things that make life so wonderful. The love notes left on the breakfast table, or that new pair of earrings that we absolutely adore, this can all be lost if we don’t hold onto them. Even little things showcase how much we are loved, like asking if our seat belt is buckled, or making sure we made it home safely. These things, though small, are expressions of how deeply we care for one another. They help us remember that these are the happiest days of our lives, and that not only should we appreciate what we have, but that we all deserve to be happy.

What Is The Perfect Gift For Your Wife?

Anyone can buy a ring from a department store, and anyone can pick up a bouquet from the grocer. When deciding on the perfect, unique gift for a wife, you want something personal. Something that that tells her that she means the world to you, and that she is your everything. That special someone deserves a special gift after all. Personalized name rings are very popular items, as they are literally a one-of-a-kind item that would be a unique gift for your wife.

There are obvious occasions set aside for gift giving and those are for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and maybe even Mother’s Day! Let’s be honest, women almost expect jewelry on these occasions but do you know what’s one of the best gifts to give your wife? A “just because I love you” gift! A gift that you can surprise her with on a random day of the week, for absolutely no reason, will speak volumes to her! Imagine her waking up on a normal Tuesday morning, only expecting another average day, but on her nightstand is a little brown box and a note from her husband! She will be belated at how thoughtful you are and how absolutely amazing her husband is.

The Perfect Gift For Your Wife?

Loving Our Moms

It’s the hardest job in the world to raise a family, and always has been. The late nights spent cooing to our loved ones softly, and the hectic search for the perfect outfit for class, sometimes it also feels like the most thankless job in the world. But then there are those moments, when we look into their eyes after a fit of laughter, and it is as if the whole world is lit up. We realize then, that it is all worth it. We all deserve to be happy, and that also means that we all deserve to be spoiled now and again.

Should I Get Her Gold Or Silver Jewelry?

You might be a little unsure of what to buy. While one could outright ask plainly, where is the romance in that? What you need to do is ask yourself a few questions: Gold does not tarnish, but silver does, will they want to follow with the upkeep of their jewelry? What kind of colors do they have in their wardrobe. Silver goes well with dark colors like navy and black, but if they prefer bright, vibrant colors that pop, then gold might be more her style. At the very least, you can try to observe what jewelry she normally wears, and you might find your answer. If they are looking to try something different, then the opposite is your best bet. If they prefer classy and original, then go with their usual taste. Whatever you do, don’t panic! No matter what you buy, she will love the fact that it came from the heart, regardless of what you choose.

What’s Her Ring Size?

Do you have any idea what her ring size is? Don’t worry, as there are numerous resources available to you, such as this handy video below.

Nelle and Lizzy is passionate about making unique gifts for wives and spouses. Whether you want to surprise her with a “just because” present on any give day or if you want to gift her with a personalized ring for her birthday, we would be happy to create the perfect gift for your wife. If you’re having some trouble coming up with ideas, please take a look at our Mother’s Jewelry and Anniversary Jewelry collections.


Your Life

Whether a quiet night in, or a lovely dinner for two at your favorite restaurant, it is precious moments and experiences that make the sweetness of our lives compound. Life is beautiful, terrible, calm, frightening, and amazing all at the same time. And it is also precious. So never waste it on the false promise of tomorrow, spend time with the ones you love today to appreciate all the goodness of our collective pasts.

3 Perfect Gifts for National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day is less than two weeks away on September 13th! Don’t let this overlooked holiday pass you by without giving your grandmother the perfect gift.

Grandmothers are some of the most special women on earth. Their tender hearts and home cooked meals are always there for us when we need them most. Remind your grandmother how much she means to you with a sentimental gift from Nelle and Lizzy. Here are three of our items that would be perfect for Grandparents Day:

Personalized Grandbabies Bracelet

With this personalized bracelet, you are able to create a fun one-of-a-kind charm bracelet for your grandmother. With our unique customization system, you’ll be able to design this bracelet exactly how you want it! Available are letters, birthstones, and customized charms to choose from and you can add as many charms as the bracelet allows.


Grandmother’s Necklace Pride and Joy

This Pride and Joy Necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that looks great with one stone or nine. Have your grandmother look fashionable and represent the birthstone colors of all of her grandchildren with this gorgeous heirloom piece!


Personalized to the Moon & Back Grandmother’s Ring

One of the most adorable grandmother presents we have is the “To The Moon & Back” ring. With this sterling silver double ring, your grandma will always know how much you mean to her! You can make it even more special by adding a personalized touch; add her name, your name, or an additional short message!


Grandmothers all over the world should be constantly reminded about how much their grandbabies love them, and what better way to do that than by surprising her with the perfect present on Grandparents Day? Every order purchased from Nelle and Lizzy comes with complimentary gift wrapping with our signature lavender and rosebud packaging so you can even send this gift right to Grandma and know that it will arrive beautifully.

August Birthstone Gift Ideas

Birthstone mementos are ones that will never go out of style. The color for August, peridot, is a lovely lime green color and symbolizes loyalty, success and good fortune. It also holds a special spot in our heart because it represents the month that one of our very own from the Nelle and Lizzy duo was brought into the world – Happy Birthday month, Lizzy!

Our August Birthstone Pick of the Month is the Mother’s Stamped Tag Charm Necklace.


Whether you’re considering giving a gift to someone special or ordering an item just for yourself, Nelle and Lizzy has what you are looking for. Here are a few meaningful August birthstone gift ideas that are perfect for any month:

  • Stackable rings to represent a mother’s children
  • Multi-charm bracelet for a grandmother to show off all of her grandbabies
  • Charm necklace as a gift to a sibling
  • Personalized birthstone ring to represent someone special who has deceased