Sweet Customer Story

mothers grandmother family name ringSweet Customer Story: “This is a grandmothers ring for my new mother in-law. This is my husbands first marriage and he doesn’t have any kids of his own but I have 3 children from a previous marriage. She has always wanted grandkids and over night she got 3 that she adores.”

Triple Ring: http://www.nelleandlizzy.com/Triple_Ring_103.htm

Customer Family Story

mothers family charm necklaceCustomer Family Story: “I have an 8 year old son (the heart with the “S”) who was born at 31 weeks and was in the NICU for 6 1/2 weeks and was my “first love”. I have a 7 year son (“Con” cross charm) who became acutely ill at 3 1/2 years of age and now is severely handicapped, wheelchair bound and totally dependent for all care, including g-tube feeds. His journey has strengthened my faith in ways I cannot describe and I rejoice that he is here with me today! I have a 5 year old son (“Van” large heart) who is an absolute love bug and has stolen my heart. He “married” me last week, having used his 2 year old brother as the minister! My 2 year old son (“Enzo” key) is a true gift from Heaven and holds the key to my heart, as I was not even supposed to have conceived him due to a medical condition I have. The blue crystal in the middle symbolizes my birthday month of September and the fact that I will always provide a safe, secure center point for them as they grow.”

Charm Necklace: http://www.nelleandlizzy.com/201.htm


Customer Story

initial mother necklace with birthstonesCustomer Story: “My wife and I have been through a lot since we were married 8 years ago. We had our first son in ’09 after really struggling to get pregnant. After that we tried for #2 and finally got pregnant in 2010. Sadly we lost the baby shortly thereafter. We struggled through the loss and went for baby #3. We found out we were pregnant with a baby boy in Spring of 2011! It broke our hearts when our son was delivered 2 months early as a still born. Jesus was with us through it all, and we were blessed with another baby boy in Nov. 2013. Now we are expecting a son in April and have faith that we will welcome him right on time.” #faith #hope #loss #blessings #family #prayersanswered


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