Month: July 2014

Friendship Day is Aug 3rd!

Friendship Day is Aug 3rd, and what would we do without our friends? I mean really! Celebrate your friendship with a little reminder ring to wear even when you’re apart. Get them here… Bronze Rings are $10 at :–116.htm Sterling Rings are $22 at : Read more →

Adoption Day Necklace

“I bought it for myself to celebrate our adoption day!  The names/initials include our two older children as well as the three that we are adopting after loving them for two years already as their foster parents.  I’m especially excited to wear it on our special day as well as when we have our new family pictures taken.” – Delora… Read more →

Summer Saletacular!

If you were on the fence about getting something from our site may I persuade you with the biggest deal to date? Seriously, it’s three coupons in one! Spend $150 and receive 15% off, Free Shipping, AND a $20.00 coupon for a later order. Use Code: Summer15 See picture for complete details. Start shoppin’ at Read more →