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Nelle and Lizzy is the industry leader in stamped jewelry. The company was started by two moms looking for subtle and sophisticated mother's jewelry, but has since expanded into a successful jewelry company. The line began with single, double and triple name rings but has expanded to include an entire line of stamped charms for necklaces and bracelets.

Interwoven into the Heart

The original Nelle & Lizzy intertwined ring is an intricately handcrafted piece that is both a fashion statement and an homage to the person you are gifting it to. Its charm lies in its complex simplicity – a paradoxical design that adds to its beauty. Available in gold or Sterling silver, you can choose from two or three overlapping rings… Read more →

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Charmed, I’m Sure!

Charms have complemented humankind’s wardrobe for centuries.  In fact, evidence of people donning charms goes all the way back to the Neolithic Era (that’s between 4500 and 2300 BC)!  While most charms back then were generally pieces of bone, shells, wood, or clay, the sentiment behind them was the same—to demonstrate pride, family heritage, or just plain beauty.  Charms don’t… Read more →

Birthstone Bling

Birthstones, or gemstones associated with the months of the year, have existed since Biblical times—in fact, in the book of Exodus, Moses ordered a special garment to be made for Aaron, the High Priest of the Hebrews, by adorning him with a breastplate containing twelve distinct gemstones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel.  These twelve gemstones later became linked… Read more →

Graduation Gift Guide

Late spring brings a season of excitement with it—the good weather, the idea that summer is around the corner, and important milestones like school graduations.  And now you can surprise your graduate with something more than just the typical bulky class ring. Something personalized and from the heart that will commemorate this momentous occasion. Nelle & Lizzy Graduation Jewelry Gifts… Read more →

Nelle & Lizzy’s Karma Collection

The idea of “karma” has existed for centuries—it is derived from a Sanskrit word primarily meaning “action” and first appeared in a Hindu text called the Rigveda sometime before c. 1500 BCE.  Connected to the notion of cause and effect, it is a law that dictates that your actions translate to results—i.e. good actions lead to good results, and so… Read more →

New Traditions for Mother’s Day

Mothers shower us with their love and affection all year round but on May 12th, it’s time to turn the tables and shower them with our undivided attention (and gifts too)! Mother’s Day gifts—like homemade meals and flowers—don’t have to be fleeting; they can become cherished, everlasting mementos that can even be passed down for generations.  Here are some steadfast… Read more →

April Birthstone Bio: Diamond

The diamond needs no introduction. One of the most coveted gemstones in the entire world, the diamond is the object of many women’s desire – there is even an old adage that has inspired jazz songs and movies surrounding its theme that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.  But did you know that the diamond is also April’s birthstone? Let’s… Read more →