December’s Bright Blue Birthstone

December is a month full of holidays and love. For December babies, it’s also a month to treasure their often-overlooked birthday (it’s hard to have a birthday so close to Christmas!) As the weather gets cooler, so do the gemstones. December’s birthstone is the blue gem zircon. While some people consider turquoise or tanzanite to be the gem of the month rather than zircon, all three stones share the same lovely blue hue in varying shades. Sometimes zircon is found in a deep, darker blue, and so it is often mistaken for sapphire.

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About Zircon

Zircon is found throughout the Earth’s crust. Many zircons are a dull brown color when they are mined, but through a process of refinement and heating they become the lovely bright gem we know them to be. Zircon is one of the oldest minerals found on earth; some of the stones can be geologically dated back over four billion years. Because of their age, they are valuable to scientists studying the beginnings of the earth.

Zircon was thought to bring prosperity and peace to wearers during the Middle Ages. Some people still think that the stone brings balance to your life and spiritual tranquility. In modern times, zircon often gets a bad reputation because it is confused with the lab created gem cubic zirconia. Though their names are similar, zircon and cubic zirconia are not related.

Nelle & Lizzy December Birthstone Jewelry

Zircon is commonly found on silver jewelry, since the blue compliments the metallic shade. All of our silver Nelle & Lizzy birthstone rings, bracelets, and necklaces can have a zircon-colored crystal added to them. But for you gold lovers out there, we also have stackable birthstone rings in gold! If someone you love was born in December, don’t overlook their birthday this year! Celebrate them, and maybe even get them a piece of Nelle & Lizzy birthstone jewelry.

Stackable December Birthstone Ring

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