Personalized Best Friend Bracelet

best friend bracelet2This is a great Customer Story: “I love all of my jewelry that I have gotten from N&L…when I had my two babies, my husband got me the name rings, then I got the pea pod necklace with the birthstones. Now that I am turning 40, I wanted to share this love of N&L with my best friend. We have been friends since 6th grade, and that friendship hasn’t wavered. I wanted to show her and tell her that through all these years we have remained the best of friends. We will be friends longer than we will ever be married to our husbands, longer than we will have to work at our jobs, so long that one day might not even remember…so this is a little reminder…but we won’t ever forget…true friends don’t…”

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Cookies & Castles

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House from Cookies and Castles used for the Nelle and Lizzy photoshoot this year!

Fourteen years ago a friend of mine and I started a fundraiser here in Fort Worth which has grown to one of the highlights of our family’s year every holiday season ~ Cookies and Castles.  During the first weekend in November, hundreds of people purchase tickets to attend gingerbread decorating events.  Kids young and old use over 75 types of candy to create one of a kind pieces to display at their home during the holiday.  Last year I made this house ~ who knew it would be a prop for this year’s photoshoot!   Cookies & Castles is sponsored by the Fort Worth Alumnae Chapter of Delta Delta Delta and supports Cook Children’s Hematology Oncology Center.  If you are in our area and want to come ~ we would love to have you and your family attend.  You can click here to make reservations!

Grammy’s Grandmonsters!

family grandparent ring“When my grandchildren come to my house, we always play “Monsters Under the Bed”, which is like hide and seek at Grammy’s house. So, I call all of my grandchildren “my little grandmonsters”. I’m buying this ring for myself so that I can always have my little grandmonsters with me.”
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