Game Day Jewelry

Football season has hit its stride. Southern girls dawn their cowboy boots and sundresses while northern girls are already beginning to plan for the games where there will be a cool breeze and a light crisp hanging in the air. Grills are fired up which ensures hot dogs and hamburgers are never in short supply and as the clock counts down to game time, the loyal fans flock to the stadium to support their team. Crowds swarm the stadium and it is filled with the sound of music, laughter, and an electric urgency to start the game. As the time draws nearer, the stadium becomes a homogeneous mix of that schools colors with a few little specs of the opposing team, drowned out by the home fans.

These colors that you bear are a symbol of pride and commitment to your team. To show that you support them on the days when the sun is beating down so strong that you start to sweat through that outfit that you planned out so well and the curls in your hair are just not living up to expectations. To show that you will continue to shout for your team even if there is a strong cold rain striking the stands. But, there are thousands of others in these same colors. How can you stand out? What can you do to represent those colors down to the smallest detail? Your jewelry. A stacked ring to show your support as your hands shoot into the air to celebrate the winning touchdown. A necklace that dangles delicately around your neck as you not so delicately scream at the referee for making the wrong call. Or even a bracelet to hold up proudly as your section hopes for a big stop at third down. Any of these options add a small but noticeable detail to your outfit that shows your school spirit. At Nelle and Lizzy we provide beautiful customized pieces that will go perfectly with any of your game day attire and help you stand out from the crowd and show your school spirit.