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Verses to Remember

117131 copy“My wife has many ups and downs in her life. She uses these verses to stay strong, and remember that with the grace of God everything is going to be OK. This is her anniversary present for our 4th wedding anniversary.” Duane H.
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NEW! Our BYOBF Collection

byob email blastWe would like to announce the launch of our Be Your Own Best Friend™ jewelry line. Both Nelle and Lizzy’s oldest children are going off to college this year. With that in mind they created a line of jewelry for girls (or women!) to wear while they are out in the world on their own. The only person who will always be there for you, is you. So, treat yourself well! Receive free shipping on this collection with the code BYOBF. Check out the whole line here:

In Memory

116462“This ring is for my best friend. Cooper is her 4 year old son and Lee was born an angel at 22 weeks old. She is going through a really tough time right now and I thought this would be the perfect gift to help her remember she is a wonderful mother. I have a double ring with my kids names and I love it, I wear it everyday.” – L Hicks

Celebration of Triplets!


mother ring with children's names“I purchased this ring as a reminder of my three blessings, my triplets Caroline, Tucker, and Riley. After trying to have children for eight years and almost giving up hope, my triplets were born healthy and happy in 2006. This ring reminds me each time I wear it that I am truly blessed with greatest gifts I’ve ever received.” – Amy H.

Birthstones of Brothers

stacked birthstone rings in sterling silver“These are the birthstones of my four sons. I have three with the same birthday (twins were born on big brother’s birthday!) and one who’s birthday is only three days before that! It makes for a not-so-colorful ring, but a great story!! Love your jewelry!!” – Betsy H.