Personalized Best Friend Bracelet

best friend bracelet2This is a great Customer Story: “I love all of my jewelry that I have gotten from N&L…when I had my two babies, my husband got me the name rings, then I got the pea pod necklace with the birthstones. Now that I am turning 40, I wanted to share this love of N&L with my best friend. We have been friends since 6th grade, and that friendship hasn’t wavered. I wanted to show her and tell her that through all these years we have remained the best of friends. We will be friends longer than we will ever be married to our husbands, longer than we will have to work at our jobs, so long that one day might not even remember…so this is a little reminder…but we won’t ever forget…true friends don’t…”

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Runners Jewelry

runners charm jewelryCustomer gift to his wife: “My wife is about to run and finish a marathon…4 months after having our baby girl”

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Sweet Customer Story

mothers grandmother family name ringSweet Customer Story: “This is a grandmothers ring for my new mother in-law. This is my husbands first marriage and he doesn’t have any kids of his own but I have 3 children from a previous marriage. She has always wanted grandkids and over night she got 3 that she adores.”

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Customer Family Story

mothers family charm necklaceCustomer Family Story: “I have an 8 year old son (the heart with the “S”) who was born at 31 weeks and was in the NICU for 6 1/2 weeks and was my “first love”. I have a 7 year son (“Con” cross charm) who became acutely ill at 3 1/2 years of age and now is severely handicapped, wheelchair bound and totally dependent for all care, including g-tube feeds. His journey has strengthened my faith in ways I cannot describe and I rejoice that he is here with me today! I have a 5 year old son (“Van” large heart) who is an absolute love bug and has stolen my heart. He “married” me last week, having used his 2 year old brother as the minister! My 2 year old son (“Enzo” key) is a true gift from Heaven and holds the key to my heart, as I was not even supposed to have conceived him due to a medical condition I have. The blue crystal in the middle symbolizes my birthday month of September and the fact that I will always provide a safe, secure center point for them as they grow.”

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