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intertwined ring with names
How long have you had your N&L? We started making our rings in 2004. Here are some of the quotes we received when we asked our Facebook fans how long they’ve had their rings…

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LuRae H –  Have had mine long time triple has my kids names keeps them with me even when they are not! When I look down name on top gets prayed for;) love i it

Lisa B – 2010!! Wear it every day.

Kelly L – 2008, a Mother’s Day gift to myself. Wear it everyday and it my boys don’t see it on they say “where’s our ring?” I LOVE it!!

Martha M – I still wear mine everyday! 3 bands, 4 names – bought in 2006!

Kelley Z – I have a 3 band bought around 2009 with my 2 boys and husband’s name on it. I replaced my wedding ring with this and have worn it every day since 

Emily T –  Had my first 3 band ring as a gift from some very special friends in 2007 on the birth of my 3rd baby. Then when my 4th baby needed a bone marrow transplant in 2013 I ordered myself a two band one as I couldn’t stand going to the hospital without his name on my hand too. Love them. I live in UK so they travelled too X

Lisa L – Got my triple band in 2011 from my sister. It’s a sibling ring with her name, our brothers name and my name. I wear it everyday.

Jennifer T  2006! I’ve been wearing my double band for 10 years straight! I fee naked without it! Everyone notices it and they always ask where I got it!! Props to N&L for making quality, beautiful work!!




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