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Blessed Heart Necklace

“My dear friend’s house was robbed and what broke her heart most was her stolen jewelry. Her family lives on one income and she has always put her needs last. This necklace will not only replace some of her stolen jewelry, but remind her what a blessing she is to her husband and three children. Thank you!” – Josephine R.… Read more →

Friendship Day is Aug 3rd!

Friendship Day is Aug 3rd, and what would we do without our friends? I mean really! Celebrate your friendship with a little reminder ring to wear even when you’re apart. Get them here… Bronze Rings are $10 at : https://www.nelleandlizzy.com/Friend-Ring–116.htm Sterling Rings are $22 at : https://www.nelleandlizzy.com/Friends-Always-Ring-114.htm Read more →