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Hi ~ I am Martha Nelle. By far my favorite piece is my original Double Name Ring with my kid's names, Riley and Emma. When I stamped the ring my kiddos were 8 and 9 years old and now they are both in college. Emma is the blond teenager in some of the pictures on the website. I love having my kids forever wrapped around my finger. Our double and triple rings have always been our best seller because they are such simple and elegant pieces of jewelry that hold so much meaning. I also absolutely love our various mother's bracelets & stamped charm bracelets - not only do they look great, but they are also the perfect gift for new mom.

Here are my favorite Nelle and Lizzy pieces:

1. Double Name Ring - This namering makes me smile each time I look at my kids names throughout the day.

2. Script Monogram Ring - The other ring that I wear daily is the Script Monogram Ring with my initials. I love how the script initials overlap and create a work of art that is unique to me. 

3. Birthstone Bar Necklace - I love the Count Your Blessings Necklace in gold. I designed mine with both the kid's birthstones along with mine and my husbands, so I have the four stone design. This personalized necklace for mom looks good with a plain white tee or with a dressy dress, on the rare occasion when I get dressed up.

4. Moon and Back Ring - This is my favorite gift to give a new mom or for a friend who is having her second or third child. In fact, the picture of the ring on our website with the names Owen, Reese & Ruby was a gift for my sister-in-law when her third child was born. We took a quick picture of it before it left the studio.

5. Pride & Joy Necklace - I love to layer necklaces so I sometimes wear this necklace with my Count Your Blessings necklace. I like the look of the 5 stone design so I put on all four of our birthstones along with the stone for April, the month we were married.

We look forward to making you a piece of jewelry that your will treasure for a lifetime.