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stamped ring for grandmother of four

Double Band Grandmother's Name Ring Silver , Personalized and Hand-stamped for 4 Grandchildren

SKU: 102-4-Gr

Grandma of four? This double ring is perfect ~ put two names on each band and separate the names with a bullet or symbol.

  • Put two names per band seperated with a symbol
  • Sterling silver bands are 3mm wide
  • Customize with up to 12 characters/spaces per band
  • Note: photos are enlarged for viewing
  • Have the gift wrapped in our signature lavender and rosebud packaging!

(for personalization ideas and details, see below)

1st Band Personalization:

Maximum number of characters:12
2nd Band Personalization:

Maximum number of characters:12

Comments or share the story behind this piece:

Grandma of four? This is the ring for you! Put two names on each band and separete the names with symbols. You will have the whole clan wrapped around your finger. The overlapping custom stamped bands create a beautiful ring which is subtle and meaningful. 

This one-of-a-kind name ring was featured at Oprah.com! "Here's a gift for mothers—or grandmothers—that's perfect whether the kids are in diapers or in college." — Oprah

Ideas for personalization of the Grandmother's Ring: 

There is a limit of 12 characters per band so if your grandchildren have long names you might need to shorten them to nicknames or use initials.  We can separate names with a space but it looks better to use a separater like a bullet, heart, dash or asterisk.  When you personalize the ring you will can see the options available.

Another option to consider is stacking two doubles and putting one name on each band.  You can find that listing here:

Description & Pertinent Information: 

Dimensions: The sterling silver bands are approx 3mm wide and can be stamped with up to 12 characters/spaces.  Please note the bands are interconnected and will always move around.  The same band will not always be on top.  Prices include stamping.  Because this item is customized all sales are final.

Sizing:  When determining your size, we ask that you give us a size that is a snug but comfortable fit.  If you are unsure of your size, you can purchase a ring and select ring sizer from the dropdown menu.  We will send you a ring sizer and instructions on how to email us your size.

Sorry ~ we cannot stamp on the inside of the bands.

What Nelle & Lizzy does to create an heirloom piece:

  • We only use sterling silver in our products.
  • Each item is created by hand ~ from designing the original piece, to hand-stamping the personalization, polishing, packing and shipping ~ we oversee your piece from start to finish to make sure it is made with love.
  • We design all of our products and do not use pre-fabricated blanks.  This means our jewelry typically is heavier in weight making it sturdy enough to wear for a lifetime.
  • This gift can be wrapped in our signature lavender and rosebud packaging.  So whether it is a gift for you or someone else, the surprise you get when you open the box will make you smile!
  • Just a few people who have given our products their stamp of approval:  Oprah, The Today Show, People Magazine, Southern Living, Parents Magazine and many more!

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