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gold initial charm necklaces

Personalized Charm Necklace, Trinket Charm Necklace in Gold

SKU: 201-g

Design a unique and beautiful necklace mixing shapes of gold bronze charms to create a stylish and meaningful accessory you will love.  You are the designer so show us your talent!

  • Price includes a 16" gold filled chain and one stamped gold bronze charm.  If you change lengths or add charms the price will change.
  • Available in 16", 18"
  • Note: pictures enlarged for viewing
  • Our signature lavender and rosebud packaging is available

(see below for more details)

Please be very specific and list ALL CHARMS IN ORDER by 1) shape 2) what you want stamped 3) font/birthstone month:

Comments or share the story behind this piece:

We love simple and organic and this necklace embodies both! Select the gold bronze charms in the shapes you like and add a cross, heart or some birthstones to create a necklace that is meaningful to you. Unleash your inner jewelry designer and create a piece that you will cherish!

Description and Pertinent Information:

Chain is gold filled. Charms are gold bronze and range in size and vary between .5" and .28" in size.  Crystals are Swarovski.

Chains are available in 16"and  18".

What Nelle & Lizzy does to create an heirloom piece:

  • We only use sterling silver, 14K gold, gold filled, gold vermeil and bronze in our products.
  • Each item is created by hand ~ from designing the original piece, to hand-stamping the personalization, polishing, packing and shipping ~ we oversee your piece from start to finish to make sure it is made with love.
  • We design all of our products and do not use pre-fabricated blanks.  This means our jewelry typically is heavier in weight making it sturdy enough to wear for a lifetime.
  • Our signature lavender and rosebud packaging is available.  So whether it is a gift for you or someone else, the surprise you get when you open the box will make you smile!
  • Just a few people who have given our products their stamp of approval:  Oprah, The Today Show, People Magazine, Southern Living, Parents Magazine and many more!