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words to live by bracelet

Encourage yourself or someone you know with sentiments that will have an impact everytime they slip the Words To Live By bracelet over their hand. The sky is the limit when choosing the right words to express gratitude, happiness, strength, wisdom, humor or anything you feel in your heart!

All names will be spaced equally around the bracelet. If you are just ordering two names we will stamp the two names about a half inch from the center point. The cost above includes one outer stamp and an inside stamp. The price will change according to how many stamps you put on the bracelet. Using the block font there is an 8 characer limit. If you need more than 8 characters we can do it using the Lizzy font but you will need to call us at 817.926.6336.

Dimensions: The price above includes one stamp on the inside and two words on the outside. If you choose more words the price will increase.

Click here to print out the bracelet sizing guide

Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas: Live, Love, Laugh, Joy, Sing, Dance, Dream, Happiness, Smile, Kindness, Inspire, Imagine, Trust, Hope, Grateful, Gratitude, Smile, Celebrate, Play, Believe, Blessed, Faith, Grace, Pray, Trust, Forgiveness, Mercy, Peace, Serenity, Patience, Breathe, Serenity, Shine, Respect, Honor, Strength, Try, Wisdom, Loyalty, Friend, Friendship, Journey, Change, Hope

We are unable to change the size of the bangles once they are ordered so please be sure to order the correct size. We STRONGLY suggest that you view the video below and print out the bracelet sizing guide to help you determine your size. Click here to print out the bracelet sizing guide and make sure you print the page at 100% (do not scale page or the measurement will be incorrect).

All prices include stamping.

Click the radio button of the style you are interested in below to fill out the options.

words to live by bracelet - two words
personalized bracelet words to live by bracelet - three words
words to live by bracelet - four words
words to live by bracelet - five words
words to live by bracelet - six words

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