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Benefits of our Wish List / Gift Registry

Once you set up your wish list, you will be able to pick all your favorite products and let others know the PERFECT gift to get you! You will have the ability to email them a link to check out the products you want, OR, you can make your list public and they can search for it on our site!

Great for birthdays, anniversarys, weddings . . . any time a gift is needed!

Purchasing from a Wish List

To purchase from someone's list do the following:

  1. Search for their wish list by clicking the wish list search button at the top of the page (link to this page also located at the bottom of all pages of the site)

  2. Search for the list, then click on the list name

  3. Check the comment field to see if the product requires personalization and wish list holder has specified what the personalization is. IF NO PERSONALIZATION is necessary, proceed to step 4. Also take note of any options they have assigned to the item (listed after the name of the product) such as size, color, etc. You can click on the product name to go to the product page, pick those same options and put the personalization in the box that says "requests or special comments". IMPORTANT: do not use the customize button on a product for the wish list ... the customization database and the wish list database do not play together nicely. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. If no personalization is necessary (nothing is in the comment field noting personalization), then you may click on "Purchase this item for" to add the item directly to your shopping cart. This will keep all the options the wish list holder has chosen. NOTE: this will not work if the item needs to be personalized. If personalization is required, please go back to step 3.

  5. Be sure to put in their username in the wish list field on the "checkout" page so that the item will be removed from their list.

Creating a Wish List

It is so easy and fun too! Click on the "create a wish list" button above to get started. You can create a username and password and you will be ready to go!

Once setup, you will have the following maintenance options:

  1. Contact Info: you name, address, email and password

  2. Configuration: setting for your account
    • list name - give your list a fun name like "my birthday" or "wedding surpises"
    • set your list public or private
    • you can display all your items or only those NOT yet purchased (only unfulfilled)
    • email subject for emails you send
    • email from for emails you send

  3. Email List: this is where you can email your list to family and friends

Adding Products to your Wish List

The easiest way to add products to your wish list is to actually go to the product you want and under the image on the left, click on the wish list/gift registry button. You will then be able to pick the following:

  1. Quantity: how many you want

  2. Priority: How bad do you want it . . . 10 is want it really bad, 1 is like it.

  3. Comments: other things they might need to know like personalization you want on that product

  4. Add to Wishlist

NOTE: you cannot add items you created in our personalization tool . . . it does not attach to the wishlist. Instead, add your base product and then each charm separately. If you do need to send someone the exact layout of the product as you created it in the previewer, use the "send to a friend" feature within the previewer.

Maintaining Your Wish List

Login to your account to change, delete, mark as purchased any of the items on your list.


Have questions . . . feel free to contact us via email at info@nelleandlizzy.com or call us at 817.926.6336

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