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How to Use the Previewer

  1. click on the "customize" button
  2. read the opening message, click continue
  3. if you see a loading image, you will need to wait until it finishes loading before you can begin
  4. please read the product info for important information on this particular product
  5. on the right hand side under product info, you will see charm categories, click on a category to load the charms from it
    • once charms load, click and drag the charm you want to use up to the base product
    • if your charm requires personalization, be sure to enter it, click on the charm and you will see a personalize box for you to put the personalization in -- click anywhere else in the window to close this box
    • add as many charms as you wish, putting them where you'd like on your product
  6. Best Fit: click on best fit if you would like Nelle & Lizzy to arrange the charms for you, just drag the charms onto the base product area and we'll take it from there
  7. when you are done customizing, click finish
    • if you get a message to "return & personalize" this means you did not enter personalization on a charm - please click the return and personalize button then click on your charm and enter in personalization info
    • verify all personalization and click continue to finish your personalization
    • NOTE: once you have moved on to the next page, you will not be able to edit this product, if there are errors, you will need to recreate it in the previewer
  8. on this next page you can again verify your charms and personalization information, select any additional options that may be available, enter in special comments or requests and then add your product to cart

Problems Using the Previewer

If you click on customize and the loader doesn't stop loading or the charms won't load properly, be sure you have the most recent version of flash -- you can download it for free here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ . If you do download a newer version, you will then need to close the current browser window and re-open for it to load properly.

Using Safari on a Mac? We have found that sometimes the previewer doesn't play well with Safari on a Mac. Try using either Firefox or Internet Explorer for better results. Again, be sure you have the most recent flashplayer.

Using an tablet or mobile device? Flash doesn't work on many mobile devices . . . sorry, nothing we can do here. You will need to use something that can load flash OR add the base piece to the cart without customizing and click on the charm category to add each charm separately. The price will be the same as it would in the previewer, you will just need to tell us in the special comments what order you want the charms on your piece.

Frustrated and just can't figure it out? We're sorry . . . we will be happy to take your order via phone, or, you can add the base piece to the shopping cart without customizing and then click on the charms category to add each charm individually. The price will be the same, you will just need to tell us in the special comments what order you want the charms on your piece.

Feel free to call us with any questions: 817-926-6336

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